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In our days we do our best to supply the place of a reluctant Eros by the gilded, grinning Mammon-figure which we try to consider as superior to any silver-pinioned god that ever descended in his rainbow car to sing heavenly songs to mortals; but it is an unlovely substitute,-a hideous idol at best; and grasp its golden knees and worship it as we will, it gives us little or no comfort in the hours of strong temptation or trouble.
But she knew of a most excellent substitute-a dear friend of her own, who had long taken the deepest interest in darling Harry, and with whom she was sure he would be as safe and happy as with herself.
Grant that it has its evils; but what would they substitute,-a constitutional monarchy like the English?
They were good-natured but careless men, those marble-polishers, and would sometimes lose my precious relics, and when I called for them would say, every day, "Domane-domane," or try to put me off with some substitute-as if a boy could be deceived in such a matter!

Examples of Substitute-a

Example #1
We have made a mistake-we, in our progressive generation,-we have banished the old sweetnesses, triumphs and delights of life, and we have got in exchange steam and electricity.
Example #2
But the vanishing of the winged Love-god from the soul is even more than heart-break,-it is utter and irretrievable loss,-complete and dominating chaos out of which no good thing can ever be designed or created.
Example #3
She would feel acutely the parting from him, after he had been from his birth like a child of her own, but Mr Carey would understand that she could not now continue her labour of love on his behalf-that she had others to consider.
Example #4
She had expected to see Mr Carey when he arrived, to arrange matters; she hoped he would come as soon as possible.
Example #5
That is impossible with universal suffrage and without an hereditary chamber.
Example #6
They are denouncing what they call personal government.