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Definition of Subtenant

  • One who rents a tenement, or land, etc., of one who is also a tenant; an undertenant.

How to use subtenant in a sentence. Subtenant pronunciation.

His subtenant wrote to say that he liked the flat and found it so convenient that he was very anxious to know whether there was a chance of John giving up possession of it.
Other fighting men were the knights, who were tenants or subtenants of a baron.
Each tenant, whether baron or subtenant, had to pay an "aid" in money for ransom if his lord was captured in war, for the knighthood of his lord's eldest son, and for the marriage of his lord's eldest daughter.

Examples of Subtenant

Example #1
He was willing to buy the furniture at a fair valuation!...
Example #2
There was a letter for John in the morning.
Example #3
Knighthood began as a reward for valor on the field of battle by the King or a noble.
Example #4
There were about 200 barons who held land directly of the King.
Example #5
An heir of a tenant had to pay a heavy "relief" on succession to his estate.
Example #6
This uniformity of land organization plus the new requirement of every freeman to take an oath of loyalty directly to the King that would supersede any oath to any other man gave the nation a new unity.