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How to use subternatural in a sentence. Subternatural pronunciation.

All that happens outside of these laws is either preternatural, unnatural, subternatural, or supernatural.
What is so low down that it lies below law, as chaos before creation; or nebulous matter not yet beginning to obey the law of gravitation; or intelligences, like Mephistopheles or Satan, who have sunk so low in sin as to have lost the perception of right and wrong, is _subternatural_, _below_ nature.
When he acts from habit, impulse, passion, and not from choice, he is simply a natural being; when he acts from choice, he is not a natural being, but either a _super_natural or a _subter_natural being, according as he chooses good or evil.

Examples of Subternatural

Example #1
If it is something _outside of law_, but _not violating_ it, _nor coming_ from a higher source, we call it _preter_natural; like magic, ghosts, sorcery, fairies, genii, and the like.
Example #2
All the nexus or web of existing substances and forces which are under law belong to nature.
Example #3
What belongs to a religion above the laws of time and space, above the finite, is supernatural.
Example #4
What _violates_ law is _un_natural.
Example #5
When he chooses good, he rises above the natural man into the sphere of angels; when he chooses evil, he sinks below the natural man into the sphere of brutes or demons.
Example #6
This power is not from man’s nature, but from something in him outside his nature.