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Definition of Successless

  • Having no success.

How to use successless in a sentence. Successless pronunciation.

So soon, and so successless?
For shouldst thou fly successless from my hand, I have no second to send after thee.
If it were love, it might be simple, single, successless love on her side alone.
The politic nature of vice must be opposed by policy, and therefore wiser honesties project and plot against sin; wherein notwithstanding we are not to rest in generals, or the trite stratagems of art; that may succeed with one temper, which may prove successless with another.

Examples of Successless

Example #1
Thither Rogers came, presumably, in November, 1821, and, if we may trust the _Table Talk_ (1856, p. 238), remained at the Palazzo Lanfranchi for several days.
Example #2
The lines once written, Byron swallowed his venom, and, when Rogers visited Italy in the autumn of 1821, he met him at Bologna, travelled with him across the Apennines to Florence, and invited him "to stay as long as he liked" at Pisa.
Example #3
For here there is no home.
Example #4
Men hurry past Each other, with quick step and careless look, Nor stay to question of their grief.
Example #5
She might have been unconsciously sucking in the sad poison, while a sharer of his conversation with her friend; and from the best, the purest of motives, might now be denying herself this visit to Ireland, and resolving to divide herself effectually from him and his connexions by soon beginning her career of laborious duty.
Example #6
Emma was very willing now to acquit her of having seduced Mr. Dixon's actions from his wife, or of any thing mischievous which her imagination had suggested at first.