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Definition of Supe

  • A super.

How to use supe in a sentence. Supe pronunciation.

He was good to the poor supes, and instructed them, not at all sneeringly, how best to manage the guy ropes for the nets when the trapeze events began.
I had only thought that we should apply to the supe, and that he would get up a little excursion party of gentlemen,-editors, you know, and stockholders,-who would like to do it together, and that I should have the pleasure and honor of taking them over.
In my mind such whiskers were associated with those happy and long distant days of childhood when we yelled Supe!

Examples of Supe

Example #1
There was, in fact, an air of pleasing domesticity diffused over the whole circus.
Example #2
The man came up and asked the young mother about her sleeping child, and I inferred that the child had been sick, and was therefore unusually interesting to all the great, kind-hearted, simple circus family.
Example #3
But Todhunter poohed at that.
Example #4
I did say, what was the truth, that I had never meant to try it with a train.
Example #5
His whiskers were cut after a pattern I had not seen in years and years.
Example #6
Everything about him suggested health underwear, chewing tobacco and fried mush for breakfast.