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How to use suppd in a sentence. Suppd pronunciation.

And when I reach'd my galley on the shore We supp'd, and sacred night falling from heav'n, Slept all extended on the ocean-side.
The ship, themselves embarking, supp'd on board, And watch'd impatient for the dusk of eve.
But he who hath supp'd at the tables of kings, And yet starved in the sight of luxurious things; Who hath watch'd the wine flow, by himself but half tasted; Heard the music, and yet miss'd the tune; who hath wasted One part of life's grand possibilities:-friend, That man will bear with him, be sure, to the end, A blighted experience, a rancor within: You may call it a virtue, I call it a sin.

Examples of Suppd

Example #1
So saying, she plunged into the billowy waste.
Example #2
And ask him, of the Gods who checks thy course Hence to thy country o'er the fishy flood.
Example #3
Of all her thoughts, whether he should escape His haughty foes, or perish by their hands.
Example #4
Each oar in order to its proper groove, Unfurl'd and spread their canvas to the gale.
Example #5
The man who gets up A fill'd guest from the banquet, and drains off his cup, Sees the last lamp extinguish'd with cheerfulness, goes Well contented to bed, and enjoys its repose.
Example #6
I find, On reviewing my life, which in most things was pleasant, I never neglected, when once it was present, An occasion of pleasing myself.