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How to use supprest in a sentence. Supprest pronunciation.

Swift, relentless, and orderly punishment under the law is the only way by which criminality of this type can permanently be supprest.
In this wretched story Calamities fall on the best; And those that destroy us Do better employ us, To sing till they are supprest.
Supprest, deprest, involved in woes, Great Charles, thy people be Basely deceived with specious shows By those that murther'd thee.

Examples of Supprest

Example #1
In dealing with both labor and capital, with the questions affecting both corporations and trades unions, there is one matter more important to remember than aught else, and that is the infinite harm done by preachers of mere discontent.
Example #2
When the mob is composed of the people of one race and the man lynched is of another race, the men who in their speeches and writings either excite or justify the action tend, of course, to excite a bitter race feeling and to cause the people of the opposite race to lose sight of the abominable act of the criminal himself; and in addition, by the prominence they give to the hideous deed they undoubtedly tend to excite in other brutal and depraved natures thoughts of committing it.
Example #3
Now the Christian religion Must seek a new region, And the old saints give way to the new; And we that are loyal Vail to those that destroy all, When the Christian gives place to the Jew.
Example #4
Now justice and freedom, With the laws that did breed 'em, Are sent to Jamaica for gold, And those that upheld 'em Have power but seldom, For justice is barter'd and sold.
Example #5
We are enslaved to tyrants' hests, Who have our freedom won: Our fainting hope now only rests On thy succeeding son.
Example #6