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How to use sure-for in a sentence. Sure-for pronunciation.

I'm sure-for we smelt it.
Either these two hundred and twelve millions must be ours-and then the re-establishment of our sovereign influence in France is sure-for, in these venal times, with such a sum at command, you may bribe or overthrow a government, or light up the flame of civil war, and restore legitimacy, which is our natural ally, and, owing all to us, would give us all in return-" "That is clear," cried the princess, clasping her hands in admiration.
You have won the election-of that I am sure-for you have set the whole Province laughing at the old-style politician.

Examples of Sure-for

Example #1
It was an extra smell, besides the mutton.
Example #2
I don't believe the dinner was very nice.
Example #3
We shall create a stock of bitter and implacable enemies.
Example #4
Have you not heard the execrable designs of that Rennepont, with regard to the association he recommends, and which, by an accursed fatality, his race are just in a condition to realize?
Example #5
It is easy going for the rest of us now.
Example #6
She had faced three thousand people two hours before, but her hand trembled now as she read: "I have been in your audience, Pearl, drinking in every word you say, rejoicing over you, loving you-but glad every minute that I played the game fair.