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How to use swaggeringly in a sentence. Swaggeringly pronunciation.

A tall, heavy-shouldered fellow rose, boldly enough, even swaggeringly, and glowered at Gale.
Garvestad repeated, swaggeringly, turning to Erik.
He had a cheap wit and swaggeringly condescending air which he practiced on the simple inhabitants of Everdoze, and in his banter he was not always kind.

Examples of Swaggeringly

Example #1
His voice betrayed the boldness of his action.
Example #2
As they rattled down and the chairs of the dumfounded players began to slide Dick called out: "My name is Gale.
Example #3
Valders-Roan, unable to resist the charms of Lady Clare, had in the meanwhile been making some cautious overtures toward an acquaintance.
Example #4
Lady Clare belongs to my son.
Example #5
Yet notwithstanding that he was tawdry both in dress and speech the villagers did not venture much into the conversational arena with him because they knew that they were not his equals in banter and retort.
Example #6
His ramshackle Ford roadster was considered an evidence of the terribly reckless extravagance of his habits, but it was really nothing more than a sort of pocketbook, since all his money went into it, and a very shabby one at that.