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There was mighty eating and swigging at the banquets, and carousing was carried to an extravagant height, if we may judge by the account of an orgy at the king's palace in 1606, for the delectation of the King and Queen of Denmark, when the company and even their majesties abandoned discretion and sobriety, and "the ladies are seen to roll about in intoxication.
Have I not sat swigging in tents with great nobles, and heard all the truth about it?
As I said before, the Englishman has no great variety of things to eat, but he is always eating them; and when he is not eating them he is swigging tea.

Examples of Swigging

Example #1
Dinner, served at eleven in the early years of James, attained a degree of epicureanism rivaling dinners of the present day, although the guests ate with their fingers or their knives, forks not coming in till 1611.
Example #2
During the lord mayor's term in London he kept open house, and every day any stranger or foreigner could dine at his table, if he could find an empty seat.
Example #3
Those fellows always have, besides the lady that they pretend to worship as inviolate, a dozen others with whom the harp-twanging stage is stale.
Example #4
Madonna, these miaowing troubadours have concocted a world that they themselves will not live in.
Example #5
Yet in these regards the German excels him.
Example #6
The space for licking is no larger, if as large-but the flavor lasts.