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How to use swinsted in a sentence. Swinsted pronunciation.

In the yeere 1216, king John was poisoned, as most writers testify, at Swinsted Abbey, by a monk of that abbey, of the order of Cistersians, or S. Bernard's brethren, called Simon of Swinsted.
Tell him toward Swinsted, to the Abbey there Mes.
Set on toward Swinsted: to my Litter straight, Weaknesse possesseth me, and I am faint. Exeunt.

Examples of Swinsted

Example #1
The monk did first consult with his abbot, shewing him what he minded to do, alleging for himself the prophecy of Caiphas, 11th of John, saying, it is better that one man die, than the whole people perish.
Example #2
With that the abbot did weep for gladness, and much commended his fervent zeal.
Example #3
Be of good comfort: for the great supply That was expected by the Dolphin heere, Are wrack'd three nights ago on Goodwin sands.
Example #4
My Lord: your valiant kinsman Falconbridge, Desires your Maiestie to leaue the field, And send him word by me, which way you go Iohn.
Example #5
Scena Quarta. Enter Salisbury, Pembroke, and Bigot.
Example #6
Aye me, this tyrant Feauer burnes mee vp, And will not let me welcome this good newes.