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Here, then, we perceive the first, or, as I have already called it, the elementary form of our symbolism-the adaptation of the terms, and implements, and processes of an operative art to a speculative science.
Have you ever read that most enchanting book of Celtic mysticism, inconsequent whimsey and profound symbolism-"The Crock of Gold"-by one James Stevens?

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Example #1
The temple is now completed.
Example #2
Hence, in speculative Masonry, the trowel has been assigned to the third degree as its proper implement, and the symbolic meaning which accompanies it has a strict and beautiful reference to the purposes for which it was used in the ancient temple; for as it was there employed "to spread the cement which united the building in one common mass," so is it selected as the symbol of brotherly love-that cement whose object is to unite our mystic association in one sacred and harmonious band of brethren.
Example #3
The author is not a Villager, and his message is one which has its root and spring in the signs and wonders of another, an older and a more intimately wise land than ours.
Example #4
By the time he were half done with the job he would be a Villager himself and then-pouf!