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How to use sympathy-that in a sentence. Sympathy-that pronunciation.

And was it not from such natures as Amherst's-natures in which independence of judgment was blent with strong human sympathy-that the liberating impulse should come?
It occurred to him all at once, with an aggrieved irritation, that of late his family had failed him in sympathy-that they had ceased to value the daily sacrifices he made.
Partly he had been particularly soured at present by his recent discomforts, suffered in a cause wherewith he had no, sympathy-that of the union Gregory desired 'twixt Cynthia and Kenneth.
The lack of sympathy-that contrast between himself and his neighbors which took away the restraint of example-was enough to make him so.

Examples of Sympathy-that

Example #1
Her mind grew weary of revolving in this vain circle of questions.
Example #2
Must one be content to think for the race, and to feel only-feel blindly and incoherently-for one's self?
Example #3
Almost with horror he found himself asking the next instant whether the simple bond of blood was worth all that he had given-worth his youth, his manhood, his ambition?
Example #4
He shook his head impatiently and her hand fell from his sleeve.
Example #5
There was an evil smile on his thin lips, and his crooked eyes rested tormentingly upon the young man.
Example #6
Partly it was Joseph's way to be spiteful and venomous whenever chance afforded him the opportunity.