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How to use syndicated in a sentence. Syndicated pronunciation.

Polished C. Syndicated C. Auxiliary C.
The _New York World's_ European news is "syndicated" to scores of newspapers throughout the American, continent, and the service has "featured" von Wiegand's Berlin dispatches to the exclusion, or at least almost to the eclipse, of the _World's_ other war news.
AMERICAN CLAIMANT (Hartford) syndicated; also book (Webster & Co.), May, 1892.

Examples of Syndicated

Example #1
C. Wagging C. Cut C.
Example #2
How do you correct 'em?
Example #3
Hale's dispatches to the Hearst Press have been published all the way across the Republic, not only in the dailies of vast circulation owned by Mr. Hearst in New York, Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and elsewhere, but also in a great many other papers like the prominent _Philadelphia North American_, which subscribed to the "International News Service.
Example #4
I have told in detail these facts about von Wiegand and Hale because between them the two men are able to flood the American public with a torrent of German-made news and views, whose volume and influence are tremendous.
Example #5
U. E. European letters to New York Sun.
Example #6
Letter to Andrew Lang about English Criticism.