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Colonel Szekuly is desperately enamored of me, and he will be sure to sit next to me at the faro-table.
In expectation of HIS fate, I have been countermining with Szekuly, and his foolish old hands have flung up shovelfuls of gold as we went along-bright, shining ducats, which shall go with me to Paris.
And dear old Szekuly has made economy very easy for some months past, for one-half of these ducats once belonged to him.
Arabella bowed her beautiful head and approached Szekuly, who was scarcely able to stand, so great was his emotion.
Szekuly stared for one moment at his tormentor, then hastily pressing his hand to his heart, he sank with a low sigh upon the marble floor.
For some weeks past, Count Szekuly had been missing.
Colonel Szekuly had many powerful friends.
A few days after the arrest of Podstadsky, Szekuly also had been arrested.
It was now well known that Podstadsky had forged notes; but it was impossible to suspect a man of Szekuly's unimpeachable character of any connection with a crime of that nature.
Unhappily, however, though less in degree, the accusation against Szekuly was similar in kind.
She had been charged with being a party to Podstadsky's fraud, but he, as well as Szekuly, had loudly declared her innocence.
The countess, when questioned, answered unhesitatingly, that one half the sum she had won at play, and the other half she had received as a present from Colonel Szekuly.
It was well known that Szekuly had not the means of bestowing such princely gifts; yet, when informed of the countess's charge, he had grown pale, but replied that the countess had spoken nothing but truth.
Von Szekuly acknowledged that he had taken the money, believing in good faith that, by the sale of certain deeds in his possession, he would be able to replace it at short notice.
They could not be found, and Szekuly refused to give any account of them.
Colonel von Szekuly, a Hungarian baron, under sentence for theft!
Count Podstadsky, through his frauds, has ruined thousands of my subjects; Baron von Szekuly has stolen sixty thousand florins, and both these men have disgraced their births and titles.
Colonel von Szekuly to three days of pillory, and four years' detention.
Meanwhile where was the siren who had lured Szekuly to destruction?
True, she had lost her gold, the price of Szekuly's good fame; but she was not poor; her jewels were worth many such a coffer of ducats.

Examples of Szekuly

Example #1
The place he covets shall cost him a fortune.
Example #2
Now, be reasonable to-night, and don't play the Italian lover.
Example #3
Now I am free, free from my dangerous accomplice, free from my tiresome old adorer, whose love for me so nearly approaches insanity that it may lead him to compromise himself in more ways than one.
Example #4
As if I had not long ago foreseen that this was to be the end of that hair-brained fool!
Example #5
The fruits of my savings!
Example #6
I dare not ask you to tarry here, for this is no place for lovely and unprotected women.