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The name Assyria came to be extended to the whole of Upper Mesopotamia, from the Euphrates to the Tagros mountains.
Distant nations paid tribute to him, the Phœnicians, the Syrians, the Jews, and the Medians beyond the Tagros mountains.
Madai, the third son of Japhet, was the progenitor of the Medes, whose territory extended from the Caspian Sea on the north, to the mountains of Persia on the south, and from the highlands of Armenia and the chain of Tagros on the west, to the great desert of Iran on the east.
The slopes of the Tagros furnish excellent pasture; and here were reared the famous horses which the ancients called Nisæan.

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Literature declined in spirit and taste, and was directed to frivolous subjects.
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This country consisted of undulating pastures, diversified by woodlands, and watered by streams running into the Tigris.
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It was during his reign that a violent persecution of the Christians took place, A.D. 200, which called out the famous apology of Tertullian.
Example #4
He defeated Benhadad and routed Hazael.
Example #5
It comprised a great variety of climate, and was intersected by mountains whose valleys were fruitful in corn and fruits.
Example #6
But our attention is now directed to a different race, the descendants of Japhet.