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How to use tail-pocket in a sentence. Tail-pocket pronunciation.

After dinner, Lemm took a small roll of music-paper out of the tail-pocket of his coat, into which he had been constantly putting his hand, and silently, with compressed lips, placed it upon the piano.
He rose in his stirrups and, searching again in his tail-pocket, drew forth a roll of paper.
I go behind you and slip the envelope into the tail-pocket of your dress-coat ...
He put them back in the tail-pocket and pinned them with great care.
Jacob had recently discovered a remnant of sugar-candy in one of his brother's tail-pockets; and, since then, had cautiously kept his hold on that limb of the garment, perhaps with an expectation that there would be a further development of sugar-candy after a longer or shorter interval.
I rose, slipped the pistol into my tail-pocket, and followed the sound up the ramshackle stairs.
Mr. Kybird thrust his handkerchief into his tail-pocket, and all the father awoke within him.

Examples of Tail-pocket

Example #1
It contained a romance, which he had written the day before to some old-fashioned German words, in which mention was made of the stars.
Example #2
As soon as she arrived she cordially held out her hand to him.
Example #3
Make as much noise about it as you can, John Sprott.
Example #4
For without 'God save the King' 'tis no riot, and a man cannot be hanged for it.
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There are lots of people about ...
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So do you, sir ...