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Definition of Taken

  • p. p. of Take.

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Even from Jasper Kimber, who, on his return from London, was taken to his bed with fever.
The walls which have felt their look and their breath, the floor which has taken their footsteps, the chairs in which they have sat, have something of their presence.
Everything goes to him who hath, and from him who hath not is taken away even that which he hath.
It had been chief among the chances he had taken when he entered the high and perilous service of Kaid.
Upon the walls hung weapons of every kind-from a polished dagger of Toledo to a Damascus blade, suits of chain armour, long-handled, two-edged Arab swords, pistols which had been used in the Syrian wars of Ibrahim, lances which had been taken from the Druses at Palmyra, rude battle-axes from the tribes of the Soudan, and neboots of dom-wood which had done service against Napoleon at Damietta.
To take a human life, even in battle, was against the code by which he had ever been governed, yet he had taken life secretly, and was hiding it from the world.
As a woman swims in a fountain, so shall I bathe in sweat for thee, who hath given with one hand and hath never taken with the other.
I would have taken his life without a thought.
Whatever the object, he was secretly taken to his house from the Palace, and his brother Nahoum seized upon his estate in the early morning.
Saadat, I would labour, but my master has taken away from me the anvil, the fire, and the hammer, and I sit without the door like an armless beggar.
For me, thou hast taken my place, and more.
He had taken his place, and by so doing had placed his life in danger.
It was clear, however, that Nahoum meant to be silent, or he would have taken another course of action.
Tonight, here, of all places in Cairo, he is safe; for who could look to find him where thou art who hast taken from him his place and office, Excellency-on whom the stars shine for ever!
When, as thou wouldst say, thou hast sinned, hast taken a man's life, then thou wilt understand.
He had been taken unawares.
He was scarce passed from the shivering Nile into a dry yelek, had hardly taken a juicy piece from the cooking-pot at the house of the village sheikh, before he began to cultivate friends who could help him, including the sheikh himself; for what money Mahommed lacked was supplied by Lacey, who had a reasoned confidence in him, and by the fiercely indignant Kaid himself, to whom Lacey and Mahommed went secretly, hiding their purpose from David.
And it must be likewise taken notice of, that these Instances of the prophane Language of Plays, which the good Christian will read with Horror, would not have been put together, and laid before the World, had not the Incorrigibleness of the Players made it necessary for the Ends abovementioned.
And, 'tis to be hop'd, the Nation has already taken the Alarm, and begin to think how to avert God's Displeasure.
One elderly-looking comforter said: "Stranger, you've been taken in.

Examples of Taken

Example #1
Because of the hard blows dealt him by thee, I went to make amends.
Example #2
How do I know these things?
Example #3
I feel Soolsby here at times so sharply that it would seem he came again and was in this room, though he is dead and gone.
Example #4
Men leave their impressions on all around them.
Example #5
One does the work and another gets paid-that's the way here.
Example #6
And that's just what isn't done here.