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How to use talbert in a sentence. Talbert pronunciation.

Company K, Captain Bart Talbert.
First Lieutenant J.L. Talbert having been killed at Maryland Heights a few days before, Second Lieutenant Giles M. Berry became Captain; he resigned, and Lieutenant West A. Cheatham was made Captain by promotion.
Clark, of Company G, and lieutenant J.L. Talbert fell dead, and many others wounded.

Examples of Talbert

Example #1
These were the most comfortable quarters we occupied during the war.
Example #2
Captain Perryman with his company, the "Secession Guards," volunteered for the Confederate service before the other companies, and left for Virginia on April 28th and joined the Second South Carolina Regiment.
Example #3
F.P., Howie, S.D., Hough, N., Hough, J., Hough, W.P., Haile, G.W., Hunter, W.J., Johnson, W., Johnson, W.M., Johnson, A.A., Knight, J.A., Knox, W.L., Kelly, M.P., Kirby, J., Kirkland, R.R., Knight, W.A. Love, McD. R., Mahaffy, W.W., Martin, J.S., Martin, W.H., Marshall, W.S., Marshall, J.S., Mosely, C., Mosely, F., Murchison, J.J., McLure, J., McDowell, J.E.C., McKay, H.C., Mahaffy, O.C., Mason, T.E., McMahan, A. W,.
Example #4
Captain J.L. Burris, of Company K, was wounded at Antietam and resigned.
Example #5
The Second and Eighth had climbed the mountains, and advanced on Harper's Ferry from the east.
Example #6
Of the Seventh, Captain Litchfield, of Company L, Captain Wm.