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How to use talentum in a sentence. Talentum pronunciation.

Periphanes Rhodo mercator dives absente ero solus mihi talentum argenti soli 500 adnumeravit et mihi credidit, nequest deceptus in eo.
Censen talentum magnum exorari pote ab istoc sene ut det, qui fiamus liberi?
So ‘_ut tacerem_’. 19. +talentum+, the Attic talent, £243 15s.

Examples of Talentum

Example #1
Even Periphanes, the rich trader from Rhodes, counted out two hundred pounds to me when master was away and we were all by ourselves,-he trusted me, and he wasn’t deceived in doing so, either. _Merc.
Example #2
Atque etiam tu quoque ipse.
Example #3
Upon my word, after he takes a bath it just breaks him all up to throw away the water.
Example #4
But listen to this, will you?
Example #5
Marcus Tullius Cicero+, the famous Roman orator, was born near Arpinum on Jan 3rd, 106 B.C.
Example #6
He was consul in 63 B.C., and was murdered Dec 7th, 43 B.C., by the emissaries of M. Antonius.