Talking-to in a sentence

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How to use talking-to in a sentence. Talking-to pronunciation.

And then he gave us a long talking-to.
I sent for you, this afternoon, to give you a sound talking-to, and instead of that, here you sit and lecture me.
Theresa was minded to give the girl a talking-to; but she controlled herself, and quietly withdrew.

Examples of Talking-to

Example #1
He can make you feel most awfully small.
Example #2
Do you see how silly you've been?
Example #3
If you only knew how you have turned the tables on me.
Example #4
Here she was overcome by the comical side of the matter, and burst out laughing.
Example #5
Philippina looked straight through her as she left.
Example #6
She could have done this without going to the trouble of listening at the door.