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How to use tarachunda in a sentence. Tarachunda pronunciation.

He was not a popular man, because of his oil-savings; but all the gangs admitted that Janki knew all the _khads,_ or workings, that had ever been sunk or worked since the Jimahari Company first started operations on the Tarachunda fields.
But the Tarachunda misbehaved very much indeed.
When he could do no more, Sunua Manji took the pick, and struck for his life and his wife, and his village beyond the blue hills over the Tarachunda River.
Were the Company's pumps to be beaten by the vagaries of that troublesome Tarachunda River?

Examples of Tarachunda

Example #1
Pretty little Unda only knew that her old husband was a fool who could be managed.
Example #2
At Home, where they undercut the coal and bring it down in crashing avalanches from the roof, he would never have been allowed to set foot in a pit.
Example #3
After a fall of three inches of rain in an hour it was obliged to do something.
Example #4
Lord send that this beastly beck doesn't misbehave,' said the Manager piously, and he went to take counsel with his Assistant about the pumps.
Example #5
An hour the men worked, and then the women cleared away the coal.
Example #6
The women sang the Song of the Pick-the terrible, slow, swinging melody with the muttered chorus that repeats the sliding of the loosened coal, and, to each cadence, Kundoo smote in the black dark.