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Hippocrène, et mes sentimens (sa source) sont taris.
Rodriguez has a list of 43 deponent verbs, beginning with _tari_, from which Collado has selected the first 14 and then a few from the remainder.
Steadily the little hands worked in and out among the snowy strands, and now and then, as she came to the TARI, or refrain, of the old Paumotuan love-song, her soft liquid tones would blend with the quavering treble of children that played outside.
Cu alte cuvinte, avansul unei tari depinde in mod esential de puterea acordata elitei efective.
Oricum, in limita democratiei actuale, aceasta problema nu are solutie nici intre tari si nici in interiorul aceleiasi tari.
In acest moment nu se poate intrevedea decit o getto-izare a lumii (procesul s-a intimplat deja cu Iranul si cu unele tari africane si continua).
Aceasta dispersie exista atit in interiorul aceleasi tari cit si intre tari.
Problema dispersiei intre nivele/valori continua sa se manifeste din ce in ce mai dur si in zilele noastre, inclusiv intre diverse tari sau zone culturale din lume.
Aceasta problema se va agrava tot mai mult si s-ar putea ca variante "imbunatatite" ale sistemului comunist-egalitarist sa reapara in unele tari amenintate de fundamentalisme, sub forma unor sisteme dictatoriale "perfectionate".
Deci, populatia unei tari dezvoltate si stabile nu mai are nici o necesitate de a construi modele noi cu bataie lunga; ele sunt gata construite de catre elita acelui popor iar populatia trebuie doar sa le asimileze/opereze.
Acest lucru nu ar fi o prea mare catastrofa daca aceste tari ar fi sarace.
Aceste tari pot deci sa devina, la limita, un pericol pentru civilizatia omeneasca.
Din contra, indiferent de multele nedreptati facute de europeni, la parasirea tarilor foste colonii, aceste tari au fost lasate intr-o stare in general buna sau chiar foarte buna (Hong Kong de exemplu).

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Je suis maintenant tout cendre, où autrefois j'étais toute flamme, et le barde est mort dans mon sein; ce que j'aimais, je ne fais plus que l'admirer, et mon cœur est aussi gris que ma tête.
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Example #3
This verb is on Rodriguez' list only because "it lacks certain forms in the affirmative" (45v).
Example #4
Given this misunderstanding Collado begins his list with an explanation of the irregularities of _qi,uru_.
Example #5
He rose from the couch and stooped beside her, with his hands resting on his knees, and bending his brow in mock criticism, regarded her handiwork intently.
Example #6
Springing to her feet, hat in hand, and placing her two hands on his now erect shoulders, she looked into his face-darker far than her own-and said with a smile- "Behold, Paranili, thy PULOU is finished, save for a band of black PU'AVA which thou shalt give me from the store.