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That Sulpicia could publish amatory poems in honour of her husband and receive eulogies from writers like Martial[183] shows that she and ladies like her occupied somewhat the same position as Olympia Morata and Tarquinia Molza later in Italy during the Renaissance, or like some of the celebrated Frenchwomen, such as Madame de Stael.
In the Museum at Leyden there is a shred of gold cloth found in a tomb at Tarquinia, in Etruria.
Anus hospita atque incognita ad Tarquinium Superbum regem adiit, novem libros ferens, quos divina oracula esse dicebat; eos velle vendere.

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Example #1
Seneca addresses a _Dialogue on Consolation_ to one Marcia; such an idea would have made the hair of any Athenian gentleman in the time of Socrates stand on end.
Example #2
The rights of women to an education were not questioned.
Example #3
This is a compactly woven covering over bright yellow silk.
Example #4
See Yates, p. 371; and Bock, xxxiii.
Example #5
Mulier nimium atque inmensum poposcit: rex, quasi anus aetate desiperet, derisit.
Example #6
On his scornful refusal she burnt three, and offered the remaining six for the same sum, but he again refused.