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Passing over the Book of Canticles,-that great lyrical drama, whose abstruse symbolism has not yet been fully evolved or explained, notwithstanding the vast number of commentators who have labored at the task,-I might simply refer to that beautiful passage in the twelfth chapter of Ecclesiastes, so familiar to every Mason as being appropriated, in the ritual, to the ceremonies of the third degree, and in which a dilapidated building is metaphorically made to represent the decays and infirmities of old age in the human body.
The next day I resumed my task-I found my power of writing considerably increased; my pen hurried rapidly over the paper-my brain was in a wonderfully teeming state; many scenes and visions which I had not thought of before were evolved, and, as fast as evolved, written down; they seemed to be more pat to my purpose, and more natural to my history, than many others which I had imagined before, and which I made now give place to these newer creations: by about midnight I had added thirty fresh pages to my _Life and Adventures of Joseph Sell_.

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Example #1
This brief but eloquent description is itself an embodiment of much of our masonic symbolism, both as to the mode and the subject matter.
Example #2
If I deemed it necessary to substantiate the truth of the assertion that the mind of King Solomon was eminently symbolic in its propensities, I might easily refer to his writings, filled as they are to profusion with tropes and figures.
Example #3
The third day arose-it was dark and dreary out of doors, and I passed it drearily enough within; my brain appeared to have lost much of its former glow, and my pen much of its power; I, however, toiled on, but at midnight had only added seven pages to my history of Joseph Sell.
Example #4
I partook of some bread and water; and before I went to bed that night, I had completed fifteen pages of my life of Joseph Sell.