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If we succeed in finding the laws of human nature, all the rest will be a comparatively easy task—the ethical, social, economic and political status of Man should be in accord with the laws of his nature; then civilization will be a human civilization—a permanent and peaceful one—not before.
He, therefore, knows that the third task—the task of detecting and exposing the fundamental error of the misconceptions in question—is a task of the utmost importance.

Examples of Task—the

Example #1
It is useless to argue if electricity be “natural” or “_super_natural,” of “material” or of “spiritual” origin.
Example #2
The problem has not been approached from the point of view of any private doctrine or creed, but from a mathematical, an engineering, point of view, which is impersonal and passionless.
Example #3
If he is not, he will not be a “reader” of this book.
Example #4
I assume that the reader is at once hard-headed, rational, I mean, and interested in the welfare of mankind.