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It was Dubut who, living near Caen, notified the notary Leveille when the government money contained in the local tax-office would be despatched to the Treasury.
These last paid a threatening visit to the chief authority of Pakhoi, and then wrecked the newly established tax-office.
He talked of politics and of morals-public and private-how the average American citizen was true to his Christian principles three hundred and sixty-three days in the year, and how on the other two days of the year he left those principles at home and went to the tax-office and the voting-booths, and did his best to damage and undo his whole year's faithful and righteous work.

Examples of Tax-office

Example #1
We must remark here that after the time of the removal of the muskets, Leveille, who went to see Bruce, Grenier, and Cibot in the house of Melin, found them hiding the muskets in a shed on the premises, and himself assisted in the operation.
Example #2
The notary Leveille, the woman Bryond, Dubut of Caen, Herbomez of Mayenne, Boislaurier of Mans, and Rifoel, were therefore the heads of the association, which was composed of certain guilty persons already condemned to death and executed with Rifoel, certain others who are the accused persons at present under trial, and a number more who have escaped just punishment by flight or by the silence of their accomplices.
Example #3
The opium dealers adopted the usual tactics of shutting their shops, thus transferring the _onus_ of opposition to their customers.
Example #4
The new tax brought this smuggled opium under contribution, and this was more than the local opium interest would stand.
Example #5
I used to be an honest man, but I am crumbling-no, I have crumbled.
Example #6
Choate's address was ably given, and Mark Twain was at his best.