Tcikè-cac-nátlehi in a sentence

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How to use tcikè-cac-nátlehi in a sentence. Tcikè-cac-nátlehi pronunciation.

Here dwelt four of the Tcikè-cac-nátlehi (Maiden that Becomes a Bear).
The first Tcikè-cac-nátlehi, it is said, had twelve brothers.
Pour sticks were shown by the Tcikè-cac-nátlehi.

Examples of Tcikè-cac-nátlehi

Example #1
Their faces were white; their legs and forearms were covered with shaggy hair; their hands were like those of human beings; but their teeth were long and pointed.
Example #2
It had four doorways, which were covered with trees for doors; in the east was a black spruce tree, in the south a blue spruce tree, in the west a yellow spruce tree, and in the north a white shining spruce tree.
Example #3
She learned the art of converting herself into a bear from the coyote.
Example #4
They were black, sprinkled with specular iron ore to make them shine; decorated with three pairs of bands, red and blue, applied as in the kethàwns of the Estsàn-¢igìni; and buried under a young piñon, with the first blue band or circle next to the tree.
Example #5
This kethàwn must be buried at the base of a young spruce tree, with the first blue circle next to the tree.