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However, after Frankie Slade made several ineffectual attempts to hit the ball from the teeing-ground, at last to send it only a few yards, the other players were not so eager to follow.
Finally he selected a driver, looked doubtfully at the small knob, and then stepped into position on the teeing-ground. Nick Steele stood six feet four inches in height.
The mound of sand spread over the teeing-ground and the exasperating little ball rolled a few inches.
Presently, after a particularly atrocious shot, Stillwell strode in distress here and there, and finally stopped a dozen paces or more in front of the teeing-ground.
At this juncture Monty and Link reached the teeing-ground, and Stillwell went out to meet them.

Examples of Teeing-ground

Example #1
Stillwell had to push Booly forward, and Booly executed a most miserable shot and retired to the laughing comments of his comrades.
Example #2
The latter question had to be adjusted by lot.
Example #3
He had the rider's wiry slenderness, yet he was broad of shoulder.
Example #4
But, also, it was plain that he was not the kind of a man to give in.
Example #5
This time he had to build up the sand mound and replace the ball himself.
Example #6
Nels's red face flamed redder.