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Definition of Telegraphone

  • An instrument for recording and reproducing sound by local magnetization of a steel wire, disk, or ribbon, moved against the pole of a magnet connected electrically with a telephone receiver, or the like.

How to use telegraphone in a sentence. Telegraphone pronunciation.

Capps sat looking defiantly at Kennedy, as he stopped the telegraphone.
Orton, while we are gone, go over the entire day's record on the telegraphone.
Miss Taylor started the telegraphone, while we all crowded around leaning forward eagerly.
This, by the way, is an instrument known as the telegraphone, invented by a Dane named Poulsen.

Examples of Telegraphone

Example #1
I'll answer my own question by telling what actually did happen.
Example #2
Meanwhile-you know-don't let anything happen while I am there.
Example #3
He sprang down the ladder to the tunnel air-lock, not waiting for the elevator.
Example #4
In front of the closed door of the lock, an excited group of men was gathered.
Example #5
Is this the president's office?
Example #6
Vivian Taylor was standing defiantly, with burning eyes, facing Capps, who stared sullenly at the floor before him.