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How to use telepathically in a sentence. Telepathically pronunciation.

Telepathically and psychologically she received impressions of the private car and of the joyous journey they were going to take.
But why should they want to repeat aloud what they receive telepathically?
Rolla began again; and meanwhile, on the earth, the doctor's companions telepathically congratulated him on his success.

Examples of Telepathically

Example #1
The papers had stated that they would spend their honeymoon in Japan.
Example #2
She could see in her mind's eye the handsome residence, the carriages, the guests, the feast, the merriment, the ceremony-all.
Example #3
Maybe at some stage in their evolution only part of them were telepaths and the telepaths broadcasted danger warnings to the others that way.
Example #4
It has to be telepathy between them.
Example #5
He had put the great idea into a fertile mind.
Example #6
Presently they began to look for other minds.