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He had noted the growing touch of coquetry in her dress; he measured the tell-tale quiver of her voice, and he smiled tenderly when she shyly showed him the diamond bracelet, securely hidden upon her left arm.
Books, globes, maps, and papers littered the floors, and were piled nearby in convenient heaps with tell-tale flying signals of copious note taking.
And so it fell out that four days after Alixe Delavigne had returned to Rosebank Villa, that a packet of important letters was smuggled past the droning Professor's picket line, one of which caused Nadine Johnstone to hide her tell-tale blushes in her room.
Those sweetly shining eyes are tell-tale stars!
There was the little tell-tale pencil of light flickering on the darkened wall opposite.
From this tell-tale evidence his suspicious glance lifted to the skipper's face, and he read in Michael J. Murphy's black eyes the wild rage which no Irishman could have concealed-which the majority of his race would not even have taken the trouble to endeavor to conceal.
Well, then, for Menie Gray's sake, if not for Dick Middlemas's, (plague on that vulgar tell-tale name,) will you, that are a stander-by, tell us, who are the unlucky players, what you think of this game of ours?
I'd no idea that my face was such a tell-tale.
Vigorous manhood is over, passed away, but the footsteps, the tell-tale footsteps remain.
Neither he nor his companions had detected it in their first journey by day through the hollow, and only the tell-tale window at night had been a hint of what was even then so successfully concealed that they could not discover it when they had blundered against its rock foundation.
It was a stout-legged piebald with the tell-tale Roman nose obviously designed for hard and enduring battle.
He was nearly done, with a tell-tale wheeze in his lungs, with blood pressure making his eyes start well-nigh from his head, and a bloody froth choking him.
There he waited, trembling with fear, chained by curiosity, and ready to leap away in arrowy flight should the sun wink on the tell-tale brightness of steel or the noosed rope dart whispering through the air above him.
Then came some anxious moments, for had the man glanced back when he was once outside, he must have seen the tell-tale ladder.
He must brazen it out, but he distrusted his powers with such tell-tale stuff in his pockets.
He was thankful that he had not to sit next to Dobson, for he had tell-tale stuff on his person.
In the faint flush upon the tell-tale cheek, And in the pallor that succeeds it; by The quivering lid of an averted eye- The smile that proves the parent of a sigh: Thus doth Love speak.
And the silver threads from the gold away; And the tell-tale years that have hurried by us Shall tiptoe back, and, with kind good-will, They shall take their traces from off our faces, If we will trust to thy magic skill.
Joyously as she would spring forward to meet him, there was no tell-tale blush on her cheek, no self-betraying tremor in her clear, sweet-toned voice.
Meg pushed the bag of fruit across the cloth to her, and tried to tilt her hat over her tell-tale eyes.

Examples of Tell-tale

Example #1
And I wear it every night.
Example #2
It seems to give me courage.
Example #3
It was a bristling Redoubt of Learning.
Example #4
The parvenu banker who had fled away after a bankruptcy due to the erection and embellishment of "The Folly," had approved a semi-medieval plan of construction which suggested a Norman stronghold or a Corsican mansion arranged for a stubborn defense.
Example #5
To-morrow I will come by, to deliver some little purchases of the maids!
Example #6
And the epistles of Major Harry Hardwicke left her with a heart trembling in delight after their perusal.