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Definition of Testate

  • Having made and left a will; as, a person is said to die testate.
  • One who leaves a valid will at death; a testate person.
  • a person who makes a will
  • having made a legally valid will before death

How to use testate in a sentence. Testate pronunciation.

If, however, they were disinherited in an aggregate (_inter ceteros_), some legacy had to be left them that they might not seem to have been passed over through forgetfulness.[172] I shall not concern myself particularly with testate succession, because here obviously the will of the testator could dispose as he wished, except in so far as he was limited by the Falcidian Law.
De exemplu, o persoana foarte apropiata dispare din viata persoanei testate.
Associated Words: intestate, intestacy, testate, testacy, testamentary, testator, testatrix, surrogate, bequeathable, bequeather, bequeathment, bequest, codicil, devisee, devisor, intestable, legacy, legatee, legator, testable, nuncupative. will, v. bequeath, devise, leave; decree, ordain, direct, order; wish, desire, want.

Examples of Testate

Example #1
The matter of intestate succession may well claim our attention; for therein we shall see what powers of inheritance were given the female sex.
Example #2
The law forbade wives to suffer any loss for any fault of their husbands.[170] Since we have now noticed that women could inherit any amount, that they were bound to receive something under their fathers' wills, and that the guilt of their kin could inflict no prejudice upon them in the way of bills of attainder involving physical injury or civil status and, in practice, little loss so far as inheriting property was concerned, we may pass to a contemplation of the specific legal rights of inheritance of women.
Example #3
Acel model important poate fi legat de mii de alte modele care acum au devenit inutile.
Example #4
Asa cum am aratat, un model nu poate fi distrus prin nici o functie a creierului.
Example #5
Associated Words: uxoricide, uxorious, uxoriousness, coverture, dowry, polygamy, polygamist, monogamy, dower, dot, uxorial. wig, n. peruke, toupee, periwig, toupet, jasey, scratch wig, bagwig. wiggle, v. squirm, wriggle. wigmaker, n. perruquier. wigwam, n. tepee.
Example #6
Associated Words: viduage, dower weeds, widowhood. width, n. breadth. wife, n. spouse, consort, helpmate, partner.