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One lesson they all learn,-to hate slavery, _teterrima causa.
He knew that a basin of water spilt on Mrs. Masham's gown deprived the Duke of Marlborough of his command, and led to the inglorious peace of Utrecht-that Louis XIV. was plunged into the most desolating wars, because his minister was nettled at his finding fault with a window, and wished to give him another occupation-that Helen lost Troy-that Lucretia expelled the Tarquins from Rome-and that Cava brought the Moors to Spain-that an insulted husband led the Gauls to Clusium, and thence to Rome-that a single verse of Frederick II.[369] of Prussia on the Abbé de Bernis, and a jest on Madame de Pompadour, led to the battle of Rosbach-that the elopement of Dearbhorgil[370] with Mac Murchad conducted the English to the slavery of Ireland that a personal pique between Maria Antoinette and the Duke of Orleans precipitated the first expulsion of the Bourbons-and, not to multiply instances of the _teterrima causa,_ that Commodus, Domitian, and Caligula fell victims not to their public tyranny, but to private vengeance-and that an order to make Cromwell disembark from the ship in which he would have sailed to America destroyed both King and Commonwealth.
The case remains in some degree doubtful; but, certainly, the probability is, that Mrs. Marr had been the true cause, the _causa teterrima_, of the feud between the men.

Examples of Teterrima

Example #1
All our bright young men go into it, to be misused and sacrificed hitherto by incapable leaders.
Example #2
The war is our sole and doleful instructor.
Example #3
After these instances, on the least reflection it is indeed extraordinary in Dr. Moore to seem surprised that a man used to command, who had served and swayed in the most important offices, should fiercely resent, in a fierce age, an unpunished affront, the grossest that can be offered to a man, be he prince or peasant.
Example #4
How so acute and severe an observer of mankind as the author of Zeluco could wonder at this is inconceivable.
Example #5
Meantime, the minutes are numbered, the sands of the hour-glass are running out, that measure the duration of this feud upon earth.
Example #6
Otherwise it has sometimes happened, on occasion of a murder not sufficiently accounted for, that, from pure goodness of heart intolerant of a mere sordid motive for a striking murder, some person has forged, and the public has accredited, a story representing the murderer as having moved under some loftier excitement: and in this case the public, too much shocked at the idea of Williams having on the single motive of gain consummated so complex a tragedy, welcomed the tale which represented him as governed by deadly malice, growing out of the more impassioned and noble rivalry for the favor of a woman.