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Lipsiae (Teubner), 1886 (fifth edition).
The text followed in this translation is that of Jacobitz, Teubner, 1901, all deviations from which are noted.
Laert., fragments and introduction: the papyrus fragments of Philodemus in _Volumina Herculanensia_; Diogenes of Oenoanda (text by William, Teubner, 1907); the commentaries on Lucretius (Munro, Giussani, &c.).
Published in the Teubner series by William, 1907.

Examples of Teubner

Example #1
SOURCES I. Iurisprudentiae Anteiustinianae quae Supersunt.
Example #2
They were not ideal; but they would in more respects than one compare favourably with the similar legislation that was in force, prior to the Civil War, in the American Slave States.
Example #3
In the following list of omissions, italics denote that the piece is marked as spurious both by Dindorf and by Jacobitz.
Example #4
The other omissions are mainly by way of expurgation.
Example #5
The chief authorities on Epicurus are Usener's _Epicurea_, containing the _Life_ from Diog.
Example #6
Epicurus is the one philosopher who protests with real indignation against that inhuman superiority to natural sorrows which is so much prized by most of the ancient schools.