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How to use the-at in a sentence. The-at pronunciation.

I stopped at the-at the store a minute and met one or two of the fellers, and that kind of held me up.
In the creation of the-at first immaterial-world, in which God unites, not with his essence, but with his image only, the same two powers, desire and wisdom, operate as the principles of matter and form.
Then she said she was going to sit with old Mrs. Crackthorpe, who has broke her collar-bone (that Crackthorpe in the Life Guards, her grandson, is a brute, and I hope she won't leave him a shillin'); and then she came on to Lady Hawkstone's, where I heard her say she had been at the-at the Flowerdales', too.
At all events, in public opinion, if it were known-and it would certainly be known,-a lady, wife or spinster, would suffer-would not escape the-at least shadow of defilement from relationship, any degree of intimacy with . .

Examples of The-at

Example #1
No, I'm to blame, I shouldn't wonder.
Example #2
I-er-All tucked in and warm enough, be you?
Example #3
The materialization of the world is a consequence of the fall.
Example #4
In the emanent or real process, since desire or nature is added to the Idea and is overcome by it, these three moments become actual persons.
Example #5
And his own tastes being thus agricultural, the honest gentleman thought that everybody else must delight in the same recreation.
Example #6
She dined at the Bloxams', for I was there.