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The personnel officer said, “There have been a few revealed religions, you know.
She said, “There are two thousand, four hundred and thirty-six member planets in the UP, I’d think an agent of Section G would be up on the basic situation on each.
Mouley Hassan said, “There were four crew men, and six of our agents.
He restored peace and order in all the provinces; he broke the power of the Sarmatians; he secured the alliance of the Goths; he drove the Isaurians to their strongholds among their inaccessible mountains; he chastised the rebellious cities of Egypt; he delivered Gaul from the Germanic barbarians; he drove the Franks to their morasses at the mouth of the Rhine; he vanquished the Burgundians who had wandered in quest of booty from the banks of the Oder; he defeated the Lygii, a fierce tribe on the borders of Silesia; he extended his victories to the Elbe, and erected a wall, two hundred miles in length, from the Danube to the Rhine; so that “there was not left,” says Gibbon, “in all the provinces, a hostile barbarian, or tyrant, or even a robber.
In all languages”, as has been well said, “there is a constant tendency to relieve themselves of that precision which chooses a fresh symbol for every shade of meaning, to lessen the amount of nice distinction, and detect as it were a royal road to the interchange of opinion”.
Criticism of Pure Reason,” he said, “There they are, and nowhere else; the French republic will fall as rapidly as it has risen; the republican government will lapse into anarchy, and sooner or later a man of genius will appear (he may come from any place) who will make himself not only master of France, but perhaps also of a great part of Europe.
Before his discourse “there was much disputing.
The world will say, “There is no other motive than altruism and service to humanity in this action by the United States.
In substance he says, “There are certain people among us, followers of Jesus the Nazarene who was killed in Jerusalem.
Our countryman Dr. Clarke, page 4, of part the second of his Travels in Greece, says: “There is every reason to believe that the Turks themselves, at the conquest of Constantinople, adopted many of the customs, and embraced many of the refinements of a people they had subdued.
Alexander Moor, Sheriff Depute, of Aberdeenshire, states: “There are not any Gypsies who have a permanent residence in that Sheriffalty.
I thought I was at York, standing amidst a crowd to see a man hung, and the crowd shouted, “There he comes!
The _first_ is resolved to us by the words of the apostle, saying, “There is no power but of God.
Some persons look around at the present condition of things in this world, at sin abounding on every hand, and say, “There is no use for me to try to be a Christian or to be different from the others.
But it seemed as an idle tale to him, and he could only reply, “There is no hope for a policeman.
There are many other people today in various situations who say: “There is no hope for me.
I have learned that hope is a divinity; I have learned that a surplus of determination conquers every weakness; I have learned that you cannot mate a white dove to a blackbird; I have learned that vengeance is for God and not for man; I have learned that there are some things better than a picture on a church window; I have learned that the American people, and especially the good people of Minnesota, do not strip a fallen foe; I have learned that whoever says “there is no God” is a fool; I have learned that politics is often mere traffic, and statesmanship trickery; I have learned that the honor of the republic is put upon the plains and battled for; I have learned that the English language is too often used to deceive the commonwealth of labor; I have learned that the man who prides himself on getting on the wrong side of every public issue is as pernicious an enemy to the country as the man who openly fires upon the flag; and I have seen mute sufferings of men in prison which no human pen can portray.
I have just been trying to think what meaning this group may have,” continued Herr Carovius, “there is undeniably a musical motif in it.
Right,” screamed Herr Carovius, “there are three of them, too.
Philippina greeted him with the words: “There is going to be an increase in the family, Daniel.

Examples of There

Example #1
So they said, so they said.
Example #2
In Its own good time.
Example #3
Her mouth expressed disapproval by rucking down on the sides, which was all very attractive but also irritating.
Example #4
I just happened to miss New Delos.
Example #5
Tog said, “Unless one of them has faked papers, the six agents are eliminated.
Example #6
Do you have any ideas on the men aboard?