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How to use there-hi in a sentence. There-hi pronunciation.

Other faces shone there-his sister's-that of his mother.
But come, the back door is unlocked; there's an axe there, I put it there,-his room door is open; I'll show you the way.
A short time before daylight, I started up at what I thought was a faint cry, but I listened, and hearing nothing more, I again fell asleep, and it was broad daylight when I arose; my first thoughts were naturally of Jackson, and I looked at where he lay, but he was no longer there-his bed-place was empty.

Examples of There-hi

Example #1
Gale shook off the tender memories.
Example #2
Nell's sweet face floated like a wraith in the pale smoke-glowed and flushed and smiled in the embers.
Example #3
I'd a done it myself, only my arms are so weak.
Example #4
I wish I'd had more,-I shouldn't have wanted you.
Example #5
I was astonished, and after a moment's thought, I recollected the cry I had heard in the night, and I ran out of the cabin and looked around me; but I could see nothing of him.
Example #6
Still, I remained in a state of great excitement; I felt that it would be impossible for me to be any longer on good terms with him, and I revolved the question in my mind, till, at last, worn out by excitement, I fell fast asleep.