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It was still there, he felt; but how much else was also there-of charm, of elusiveness, of wit, of mental adroitness, of joyous eagerness to discover a new thought or a new thing!
There were many visitors to the sick-room, led thither by venerating affection; and there could hardly be one who did not retain in after years a vivid remembrance of the scene there-of the pale wasted form in the easy-chair (for he sat up to the last), of the grey eyes so full even yet of inquiring kindness, as the thin, almost transparent hand was held out to give the pressure of welcome; and of the sweet woman, too, whose dark watchful eyes detected every want, and who supplied the want with a ready hand.
If I opposed him, it would lead to high and querulous words; and the hideous fact of his presence there-of his mere existence-I was bound to conceal at all hazards.

Examples of There-of

Example #1
She was a creature of rare splendour, variety and vanity.
Example #2
Looking at her now, he knew that it was not.
Example #3
There were others who would have had the heart and the skill to fill this place by Mr. Tryan's side, and who would have accepted it as an honour; but they could not help feeling that God had given it to Janet by a train of events which were too impressive not to shame all jealousies into silence.
Example #4
She made Holly Mount her home, and, with her mother and Mrs. Pettifer to help her, she filled the painful days and nights with every soothing influence that care and tenderness could devise.
Example #5
There was no alternative but to fall in with whatever mad caprice might seize his brain.
Example #6
As a tomb," he agreed, and his eyes twinkled disagreeably in the darkness.