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For this reason Bahá’u’lláh has said, ‘These Prejudices are destructive to mankind’. Contemplate first the prejudice of religion: consider the nations of so-called religious people; if they were truly worshippers of God they would obey His law which forbids them to kill one another.
For this reason Bahá’u’lláh has said, ‘These Prejudices are destructive to mankind’.
I mentioned Lord Hales’s censure of Prior in his preface to a collection of sacred poems, by various hands, published by him at Edinburgh a great many years ago, where he mentions ‘these impure tales, which will be the eternal opprobium of their ingenious author’.
Mr. Whiffler sighs, ‘these children, Saunders, make one quite an old man.’ Mr. Saunders thinks that if they were his, they would make him a very old man; but he says nothing.

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Example #1
If priests of religion really adored the God of love and served the Divine Light, they would teach their people to keep the chief Commandment, ‘To be in love and charity with all men’.
Example #2
Until all these barriers erected by prejudice are swept away, it is not possible for humanity to be at peace.
Example #3
A candle was burning; the boy, awake but silent, sat up in his cot, and looked about with sleepy, yet frightened eyes.
Example #4
So, after early luncheon, they took train to Victoria, Louise insisting that all the expenses should be hers.
Example #5
We dared not speak to each other, even at table, of Malplaquet, so frightful were the gaps left in our army by the cannon of that bloody action.
Example #6
And it was to this end we were fighting; for this that every village and family in England was deploring the death of beloved sons and fathers.