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Definition of Thick-skinned

  • Having a thick skin; hence, not sensitive; dull; obtuse.

How to use thick-skinned in a sentence. Thick-skinned pronunciation.

Not thick-skinned, her kind, when it came to showing like and dislike, and she looked her pleasure for the honest girl she was.
It is truly the lord of the South American forests, as it often attacks the thick-skinned tapir, and even the largest alligator.
I'm terribly self-satisfied and thick-skinned.
She was depressed by a sense of failure; the boor, as she called him, was much too thick-skinned for any society but that of his bulls!
You're not a pony, I feel sure; you're only a miserable mule, and your father was some long-eared, thick-skinned, thin-tailed, muddle-headed, old jackass.
Even the dull and thick-skinned are open to offence if it is forced upon them.
It's a mistake, except with thick-skinned foreign ones.
Van Horn, a shade less thick-skinned, stuck at the animadversions made so spiritedly by the Doctor and so vociferously supported by his audience.
They are by nature thick-skinned and tough, as doubtless every one has heard.
The whole force turned out, and the attack on the thick-skinned intruders became general.
Hollow bullets are quite useless for thick-skinned animals.
They that are so thick-skinned as still to credit the story of the Phoenix, may say something for animal burning.
A certain number of cartridges should be loaded with bullets of extreme hardness, intended specially for large thick-skinned animals; other bullets should be composed of softer metal, which would expand upon the resisting muscles but would not pass completely through the skin upon the opposite side.
I prefer pure lead for tigers, lions, sambur deer, wapiti, and such large animals which are not thick-skinned, as the bullet alters its form and nevertheless remains intact, the striking energy being concentrated within the body.
I would not recommend so small a bore for heavy thick-skinned game, but the '577 rifle is a good protector, and you need not fear any animal in your rambles through the forest when thus armed, whereas the '450 and even the '500 would be of little use against a charging buffalo.
It was a glorious example of the inferiority of hollow Express bullets against thick-skinned animals.

Examples of Thick-skinned

Example #1
Ay, a striking lass, and I didn't wonder that Chief George was taken with her.
Example #2
When I passed the parting with Tilly that night I gave her the word that I was going to be around for a week or so, and that I wanted to see more of her.
Example #3
In spite of the enormous jaws of the latter, the jaguar will leap towards the tail of the creature, tear open its side, and devour it even before life is extinct.
Example #4
It greatly resembles the leopard, especially in its forest habits, as by means of its powerful claws it can with ease spring up the trunk of a tree, and make its way along a branch, ready to pounce down upon a foe.
Example #5
I had no qualification for this work ...
Example #6
Eleanor always said I was selfish, and I am.