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I should have thought it almost as likely to meet a herd of elephants in Hyde Park as to find them in this open and thickly-populated country.
It was strange to an American, who comes from a land where everyone learns a single language, English, that she and her ancestors, through centuries of living neighbour in a thickly-populated country to people who speak French and to French civilization, should never have learned to express themselves in any but their own tongue-singular, almost incredible, tenacity in the age of popular education!
Passing through the small but thickly-populated and friendly little province of Moir, in a few days we sighted the well-known mountain Belignan, that we had formerly passed on its eastern side when we had started on our uncertain path from Gondokoro upwards of two years ago.
At times we could not help fancying that we were in a thickly-populated country-a country of vast wealth and civilisation, as appeared from its architectural grandeur.

Examples of Thickly-populated

Example #1
I now distinguished natives along the distant heights, all of whom were attracted by the uncommon occurrence.
Example #2
There were eleven bulls, and they were marching in close order along the bank of the river, approaching us at about 400 yards' distance.
Example #3
She would save the lance-heads and garner every grain of wheat; she economized in all but racial animosity.
Example #4
She was shaking her fist at a dam which was about to burst in a flood.
Example #5
The mountain of Belignan was now N.E. from our point of observation.
Example #6
The country was generally poor, but beautifully diversified with large trees, the tamarind predominating.