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How to use thin-nosed in a sentence. Thin-nosed pronunciation.

Inkspot did not answer, but jabbered in African. "Try him in English," suggested the thin-nosed man, and this the horse-dealer did.
Then he had a little more to drink, but only a little, for the horse-dealer and the thin-nosed man, who superintended the entertainment, were very sagacious, and did not want him to drink too much.
Suddenly the thin-nosed man, whom the others called Cardatas, leaned forward.
And Hester was there, of course, with her sunny hair and sunny looks and general aspect of human sunniness all over, as unlike to the veiled and timid Moorish lady, or the little thin-nosed negress, as chalk is to cheese!

Examples of Thin-nosed

Example #1
Many of the English words Inkspot understood.
Example #2
He was a shrewd man, the horse-dealer, and really wanted to know what was the matter with the negro.
Example #3
In the course of an hour, these four men, listening and watching keenly and earnestly, had become convinced that this black man had been on a ship which carried bags of gold similar to the rude prism possessed by the horse-dealer, that he had left that vessel for the purpose of obtaining refreshments on shore and had not been able to get back to it, thereby indicating that the vessel had not stopped long at the place where he had left it, and which place must have been, of course, Valparaiso.
Example #4
After a time, the men gave him something to eat, for they imagined he might be hungry, and this also helped him very much, and his heart went out to these new friends.
Example #5
And then followed the words, "Cap' 'Or! Cap' 'Or!" in eagerly excited tones.
Example #6
At this, Inkspot sprang to his feet and clapped his hands.