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Definition of Thing

  • Whatever exists, or is conceived to exist, as a separate entity, whether animate or inanimate; any separable or distinguishable object of thought.
  • An inanimate object, in distinction from a living being; any lifeless material.
  • A transaction or occurrence; an event; a deed.
  • A portion or part; something.
  • A diminutive or slighted object; any object viewed as merely existing; -- often used in pity or contempt.
  • Clothes; furniture; appurtenances; luggage; as, to pack or store one's things.
  • Whatever may be possessed or owned; a property; -- distinguished from person.
  • In Scandinavian countries, a legislative or judicial assembly.
  • In Scandinavian countries, a legislative or judicial assembly; -- used, esp. in composition, in titles of such bodies. See Legislature Norway.
  • a separate and self-contained entity
  • an action
  • an artifact
  • an entity that is not named specifically
  • any attribute or quality considered as having its own existence
  • a vaguely specified concern
  • a special abstraction
  • a special objective
  • a statement regarded as an object
  • an event
  • a persistent illogical feeling of desire or aversion
  • a special situation

How to use thing in a sentence. Thing pronunciation.

Now, Davy, I must tell of a strange thing.
How do I know these things?
Now for the strange thing I hinted.
One thing I do observe, his heart is hard set against Lord Eglington.
Perhaps because David wore his hat always and the long coat with high collar like a Turk, or because Prince Kaid was an acute judge of human nature, and also because honesty was a thing he greatly desired-in others-and never found near his own person; however it was, he had set David high in his esteem at once.
If Chicago can't have the newest thing, she won't have anything.
Golly, how the whole thing glitters and stews!
Let's teach 'em to do things to-day.
After five years I left, with a bald head at twenty-nine, and a little book of noble thoughts-Tips for the Tired, or Things you can say To-day on what you can do to-morrow.
It's one thing to be a missionary and say the little word in season; it's another to run your soft red head against a hard stone wall.
David was slowly apprehending these things as he talked-subconsciously, as it were; for he was seeing pictures of the things he himself had observed, through the lens of another mind, as primitive in some regards as his own, but influenced by different experiences.
There was nothing in them which could be challenged, could be construed into active criticism of men or things; and yet much he said was horrifying.
Death-tribute is no new thing in the East.
Besides, the game afoot was not of his making, and he was ready to await the finish, the more so because he was sure that to-morrow would bring forth momentous things.
She seemed not to realise, as did David, the awful position in which they were placed, the deed which David had done, the significance of the thing that lay at their feet.
In their swift passage from the Palace to the carriage, a thing had been done of even greater moment than the killing of the sensualist in the next room.
He rearranged the other pieces on the table mechanically, seeing, feeling another scene, another inanimate thing which must be for ever and for ever a picture burning in his memory.
If there was foul play, why make things worse by sending another life after the life gone, even in the way of justice?
There were things to be said for the first and last time and then be buried for ever.
You are great and good; you will know at least that I go because it is the only thing to do.

Examples of Thing

Example #1
The tavern, the theatre, the cross-roads, and the cockpit-was ever such a day!
Example #2
Thee didst frighten all who knew thee with thy doings that mad midsummer time.
Example #3
Even from Jasper Kimber, who, on his return from London, was taken to his bed with fever.
Example #4
She has become maid to a lady of degree, who has well befriended her.
Example #5
After visiting Jasper Kimber at Heddington, as I came back over the hill by the path we all took that day after the Meeting-Ebn Ezra Bey, my father, Elder Fairley, and thee and me-I drew near the chairmaker's but where thee lived alone all those sad months.
Example #6
That mind has generous moments, David, for he took to being thankful for thy knocks.