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In vivacious company she would have called it, and perhaps have thought it, a charming view; alone, she had no eye for such things-an indifference characteristic of her mind, and not at all dependent upon its mood.
You are merely the embodiment of two imperfect things-an imperfect brain and an imperfect body.
In a flash a number of things-an enormous number of things-became extraordinarily clear and simple; they became one single thing.

Examples of Things-an

Example #1
Presently another patch of shade invited her to repose again, and again she meditated for an hour or more.
Example #2
Before her, east, west, and north, lay the wooded landscape, soft of hue beneath the summer sky, spreading its tranquil beauty far away to the mists of the horizon.
Example #3
The two cannot exist together in perfection.
Example #4
He pointed toward the rykor.
Example #5
Then, while reason and vision still fluttered to and fro, like a pair of butterflies, first one and then the other leading, he dashed in between them.
Example #6
He plunged his hands among the flying symbols....