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Then he tried another tone, and said very different things-the kind of thing one likes to hear, you know; but I pretended that I didn't care for it a bit.
So did he continue to suffer like an animal, mutely, instinctively, mourning his life away, forgetful of everything but his grief; unmindful of his food, and unable to sleep when he lay down, or to distinguish between familiar things-the birds about his house, the boys and girls he had baptized.
He lost his sense of all that surrounded him; all substantial things-the hour of the day, what we have done and are about to do, the presence of other people and the support we derive from seeing their belief in a common reality-all this slipped from him.
Almost in spite of herself she felt there must be something-a higher power which produced all the beautiful things-the flowers, the stars, the trees, the grass.
In common with all riders of the upland sage Jane cherished two material things-the cold, sweet, brown water that made life possible in the wilderness and the horses which were a part of that life.
Only in these latter days has the world become faintly conscious of the real Force working behind and through all things-the soul of the Divine, or the Psychic element, animating and inspiring all visible and invisible Nature.
Whoever denies this confounds two different things-the value of history for us, and the aim of the writer.
Whatever we are, or have, consisteth in three things-the soul, the body, and the goods.
What you want to learn,-and what every beginner in the study of psychic law generally wants to learn first of all, is how to obtain purely personal satisfaction and advantage,"-he said-"You want to know three things-the secret of life-the secret of youth-the secret of love!
And then-in this night of weird things-the weirdest sight of them all showed ahead.
Mrs. Vivian blushed a little now, when she met Bernard's eyes; and to remind herself that she was after all a virtuous woman, talked as much as possible about superior and harmless things-the beauty of the autumn weather, the pleasure of seeing French papas walking about on Sunday with their progeny in their hands, the peculiarities of the pulpit-oratory of the country as exemplified in the discourse of a Protestant pasteur whom she had been to hear in the morning.
Zion is the Whole of things-the encompassment of space, and time, and endless years,-an environment of immortality and peace.
The Prince was addressed with distinguished consideration; Des Pruneaux protesting that he desired but three things-the glory of his master, the glory of God, and the glory of William of Orange.
It is comparatively much rarer to discover real likeness under what at first appeared as unlikeness; and usually when a word moves forward, and from a specialty indicates now a generality, it is not in obedience to any such discovery of the true inner likeness of things,-the steps of successful generalizations being marked and secured in other ways.
If I have been inclined to undervalue certain things-"the sojourn in Brussels", for instance-which others have considered of the first importance, it is because I believe that it is always the inner life that counts, and that with the Brontes it supremely counted.
Gale gazed abroad, knowing that as this night was the first time for him to awake to consciousness of a vague, wonderful other self, so it was one wherein he began to be aware of an encroaching presence of physical things-the immensity of the star-studded sky, the soaring moon, the bleak, mysterious mountains, and limitless slope, and plain, and ridge, and valley.
Or perhaps-let us give the kindest interpretation possible to all things-the earl's helplessness and loveableness touched a chord long silent, or never stirred before in the heart of the man of the world.
All the little wood things-the ferns and the satin leaves and the crackerberries-have gone to sleep, just as if somebody had tucked them away until spring under a blanket of leaves.
A strange horse and wagon hitched by the roadside was the most flagrant of his thefts; but it was the small things-the hatchet or axe on the chopping-block, the tin pans sunning at the side door, a stray garment bleaching on the grass, a hoe, rake, shovel, or a bag of early potatoes, that tempted him most sorely; and these appealed to him not so much for their intrinsic value as because they were so excellently adapted to swapping.
An overpowering dread, an unutterable loathing seized on him; all sense of outer things-the whispering of the waiting-girls behind the table, the gentle cadence of the dance music, the distant hum of joyous talk-suddenly left him.

Examples of Things-the

Example #1
Oh, I assure you I behaved quite nicely.
Example #2
However, Mr. Cobb came, and I saw him alone.
Example #3
Very often he had to think a moment before he knew which was Mary and which was Bridget, which was Patsy and which was Mike, and very often Catherine was in the parlour many minutes before he noticed her presence.
Example #4
It mattered little whither he went, for he would never see her any more, and she was, after all, the only real thing in the world for him.
Example #5
So he might have felt if the earth had dropped from his feet, and the empty blue had hung all round him, and the air had been steeped in the presence of one woman.
Example #6
She seemed so definitely opposed to the vision he held in his mind that he returned to it with a gesture of impatience. "Katharine, Katharine," he repeated, and seemed to himself to be with her.