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How to use think-not in a sentence. Think-not pronunciation.

Thee_ that I think-not of them.[t] IV.
He suffers more than you would think,-not for himself (for I do believe that if he were alone in the world, he would be quite contented if he could save fifty pounds a-year and his books), but for your mother and yourself; and a fresh access of emotional excitement, all the nervous anxiety of a journey to London on such a business, might have ended in a paralytic or epileptic affection.
But we won't find him here, I think-not here, my friend.

Examples of Think-not

Example #1
The title, "To George the Fourth," affixed in 1831, is incorrect.
Example #2
The sonnet was addressed to George IV.
Example #3
Now we have him here snug; and the worst news we can give him will be better than what he will make up his mind for.
Example #4
Why, you foolish young man, don't you see that with his ignorance of business where he himself is concerned,-though for any other one's business, neither Rollick nor Cool has a better judgment,-and with his d-d Quixotic spirit of honor worked up into a state of excitement, he would have rushed to Mr. Tibbets and exclaimed, 'How much do we owe you?
Example #5
We'll nose out the spy, whoever he is, or wherever to be found.
Example #6
Suddenly Barry Whalen turned at the door.