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But on the whole _Universal Puseyism_ seemed to me the humor of German, especially of Berlin thinkers;-and I had some quite portentous specimens of that kind,-unconscious specimens of four hundred quack power!
And such an achievement is so stupendous that a single statue is enough to make a man immortal, as Figaro, Lovelace, and Manon Lescaut have immortalized Beaumarchais, Richardson, and the Abbe Prevost. Superficial thinkers-and there are many in the artist world-have asserted that sculpture lives only by the nude, that it died with the Greeks, and that modern vesture makes it impossible.
I think he worked more strenuously in the field of sheer intellect-stirred the thought stuff more-than most other Chinese thinkers,-and so is more akin to the Western mind; he carves his cerebrations more definitely, and leaves less to the intuition.

Examples of Thinkers-and

Example #1
Spartanism I saw or fancied in them, were the class of people that pleased me best.
Example #2
Of learned professors, I saw little, and that little was more than enough.
Example #3
Michael Angelo, Michel Columb, Jean Goujon, Phidias, Praxiteles, Polycletes, Puget, Canova, Albert Durer, are the brothers of Milton, Virgil, Dante, Shakespeare, Tasso, Homer, and Moliere.
Example #4
Such triumphs in the annals of sculpture may be counted, as we may count the few poets among men.
Example #5
The great lack in him is his failure to appreciate Confucius; and to explain that, before I go further with Butterfly Chwang, I shall take a glance at the times he lived in.
Example #6
His is really a book that belongs to world-literature; as good reading, for us now, as for any ancient Chinaman of them all.