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The Human Worth of Rigorous Thinking,” by C. J. Keyser.
I don’t know whether ’tis your Cambridge philosophy, or time, that has altered your ways of thinking,” Lady Castlewood continued, still in a sarcastic tone.
I am thinking,” said the poor child.

Examples of Thinking

Example #1
The Journal of Experimental Medicine_, Vol.
Example #2
Princeton University Press, for permission to quote from “Heredity and Environment,” by Edwin Grant Conklin.
Example #3
The humour of Swift and Rabelais, whom he pretended to succeed, poured from them as naturally as song does from a bird; they lose no manly dignity with it, but laugh their hearty great laugh out of their broad chests as nature bade them.
Example #4
Perhaps you too have learned to love drink, and to hiccup over your wine or punch;—which is your worship’s favourite liquor?
Example #5
He saw actually, and with his own eyes, those Spanish cavaliers and ladies whom he had beheld in imagination in that immortal story of Cervantes, which had been the delight of his youthful leisure.
Example #6
He beheld war for the first time—the pride, pomp, and circumstance of it, at least, if not much of the danger.