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How to use this-being in a sentence. This-being pronunciation.

This-being said, there was nothing else to say.
At this-being an active woman-I sat down beside her on the stone floor and took her hand in both of mine.
From this-being all unversed in the obliquity of woman-he conceives, poor boy, that he no longer finds favour in your eyes, and to win back this, the only thing that in the world he values, he behaves foolishly.

Examples of This-being

Example #1
One held a little girl by the hand; it could not have been her own little girl, for these princesses were far beyond human passions.
Example #2
One was in a riding-habit, another in evening attire, another dressed for tea, another for the theatre; another seemed to be ready to go to bed.
Example #3
She did not withdraw it, but lifted her lashes to look at me.
Example #4
I noted the sullen, exhausted expression in her grey eyes; my heart beat at the beauty of her face.
Example #5
You flout him anew, and because of it.
Example #6
To please a whim, a caprice, you set yourself to flout him, as is the way of your sex when you behold a man your utter slave.